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  My friend Warren Bobrow, “the cocktail whisperer”, offered to create a custom cocktail for the holidays for me. So many people enjoyed the one he made last year, that I am happy share with you his newest creation. Warren is the ultimate connoisseur of cocktail making and cocktail history, so take notes! And enjoy!


Warren Bobrow, The Cocktail Whisperer

Warren wrote the following:

There is something to be said for the simple pleasure of
sitting in front of the fireplace enjoying an intoxicating beverage. Today is no different. Sitting in front of me is a gorgeous
new bottle of Pink Pigeon Original Spiced Rum. I see this bottle as an adjunct to warming my insides deeply
and make me dream of blue water sailing.

Spiced rum has always held a certain mystique for my
palate. The first time I enjoyed
spiced rum I was on my family yacht in the Caribbean. We sailed some distance from Virgin Gorda, down island to
the Dutch island of Saba. It is on
Saba that the specialty rum is produced. Saba Spice is known the world over for
its specific terroir of cane to spices.

But what does
spiced rum mean?

Spiced rum is the final distillate of either sugar cane or
molasses. The addition of aromatics
such as nutmeg, vanilla and baking spices make the usually fire driven beverage
into a peaceful trip to another taste level. Spiced rum is lovely in a snifter or in a cocktail with
coconut milk, pineapple juice and grilled orange juice. (I created a suitable recipe for this

There is plenty of holiday cheer in each sip of a spiced
rum. Fine brands like Sailor Jerry
(produced with a distillate from Cruzan in the Virgin Islands) is a good example
of an easily sourced spiced rum that you can buy today.

Pink Pigeon Rum is made from sugar cane from the Medine
Estate in Mauritius Islands. The
rum is also distilled on the estate close by the cane fields. The reason is simple. Sugar cane, once cut deteriorates very
quickly in the hot sun. You have
to cut and crush with alacrity otherwise the perfumed cane will sour.

Rum from the South Seas is exotic stuff
indeed! The South Seas are long
known as the origin of Sugar Cane. Sailors brought this cane around the world, finding that the Caribbean
was also a fine place to grow cane and make rum. Rum has fueled both rebellions and times of peace for
hundreds of years.

The Pink Pigeon rum, handsomely bottled in an all black
bottle with a wax finish, ringed by a pink neck band made of rubber reads:
Peace, Freedom & Harmony.

A lovely

    Tasting notes: Sweet vanilla gives way to notes of
salt air and wet stones. There are
spices in there lurking in the background, but not overpowering. This is 40% by volume and 80 Proof so
it blends well with others in a cocktail without getting lost in the mix. I like mine in a punch with grilled
fruit juices and the above mentioned coconut milk. A bit of Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water brings this
drink into cocktail memory because the fizz goes right into your brain.

The fizz may remind you of the exotic nature of this drink,
long after you finish each sip.

I’m a big fan of Pink Pigeon Rum!

The Pink Pigeon Punch (for two soon to be flightless birds)


Pink Pigeon Rum (or other fine spiced rum)

Grilled Orange juice (heat a grill and char thick slices of
orange, then juice)

Coconut milk (sweetened)

Pineapple slices (also grilled but not juiced)

Crushed coconut water ice (prepare an ice cube tray with
filtered water and coconut water 50/50 blend, freeze overnight then crush)

The Bitter End Moroccan Cocktail Aromatic Bitters  or Angostura Bitters

Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water (Lemon Essence if


To a Boston Shaker, muddle a few chunks of grilled pineapple
to a make the slurry

Add 4 oz. grilled orange juice, reserve some zest for the

Add 4 oz. Pink Pigeon or like spiced rum

Add 3 Tablespoons of Coconut milk (sweetened)

Add 1 egg white (essential)

Add ¾ fill of ice and shake shake shake shake shake shake…

Add a good splash of the Perrier Natural Mineral Water to
your glass, then….

Strain the foamy mixture over the fizzy water into your
coupe glass with a couple drops of bitters over the top.

Pinch your orange zest behind a lit match aimed at the top
of your cocktail, the oils will flame over the top of the glass!

Scrape some fresh nutmeg over the top and sip to winter
trips to faraway places!

Warren Bobrow 
Atout France 2012 (Paris/Burgundy) 
Cocktail Writer for the Beekman Boys 
Wild River Review Editor/Wild Table 
Charleston Wine and Food Festival
Ministry of Rum/Judge 2010/SF
2011, 2012 Tales of the Cocktail 
2012-Kentucky Derby for Voda Magazine 
Cocktail and Food writer for Williams-Sonoma Blender Blog and Foodista 
Museum of Southern Food/Beverages “On Whiskey” columnist 
International Food Bloggers Conference/Freestyle Mixology Seminar 2012 

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