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I’ve just returned from a month in the south of France, so I apologize for being slow on posting! I last left off after the first leg of my trip, which was spent with a girlfriend in Cannes, Antibes and Nice. We made wonderful new friends (above) and spent glorious days with them touring the countryside, open-air markets, and dining at the their home and in restaurants. We both decided this was our new family in France and can’t wait to go back and spend more time with Helene, Philipe, Rachel and Beluga.

hillary cannes

 My last day in Cannes they drove me to the boat that I would be taking to the next destination on my trip: St. Tropez. Waving goodbye, I settled down to enjoy the ride. Compared to driving the 2 1/2 hours from Cannes to St. Tropez, this boat ride only took an hour and 15 minutes and it was exhilarating with superb views of the coastline……

boat ride to st. tropes

…… finally arrive in St. Tropez harbor…….
st. tropez harbor

Knowing that the apartment I was renting would not be ready yet, I walked into town to the Place des Lices to my favorite everyday restaurant Le Sporting for lunch.


Yes, I had another Salade Nicoise!! One of the best of the trip so far…..crisp and fresh and absolutely huge………

Salade Nicoise

I went to meet Melissa……


……who gave me not only the key to my apartment for the next 12 days, but an invitation to have lunch at her house during the week….which I happily accepted. It turns out Melissa and her mother are excellent cooks and are also getting ready to set up their house as a B&B next summer. When I arrived for lunch I was taken on a tour of the property and readily realized what a great place it would be as a B&B. It had a salt water pool….

salt water pool


….and a beautiful cabana nestled in the midst of the countryside, with the only noise coming from birds and a nearby rooster….

poolside cabana

….an oasis for total relaxation and afternoon naps….

outdoor bed

….and so to lunch….beginning with pissaladiere and quiche bites…..


….followed by deep fried zucchini blossoms Melissa’s mother made……….

fried zucchini blossoms…a plate of three flavors of grilled sausages……………….


….a salad of soft mozzarella and beefsteak tomatoes………

tomato salad

…and a super creamy, light as air zucchini gratin…….

zucchini gratin

New friends, sunshine, great food, and being in St. Tropez again….it was magical!

melissa for lunch

…including the deep chocolate cake Melissa made to finish our meal….

chocolate cake


st. tropez postcard

The next day, the big boys were pulling up to the quai in St. Tropez…


as well as the beautiful fishing boats just in from an evening of work…

fishing boat st. tropes

It was Tuesday, time for a visit to the open-air market in St. Tropez. It’s held on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but I think Tuesday is the best day to go. I bought a piece of artisanal bread made with fresh figs….

artisanal breads


….and some fennel sausage to go with it….


fennel sausage

The light is always amazing at the market, as the sun filters down through the leaves of the trees….



I also picked up some Sacristains for my breakfast….should have bought more…they were great with my coffee….


And speaking of dessert, my next stop was at my favorite pastry shop in St. Tropez:

tart tropezienne

tart tropezienne

…these were small and they had fresh raspberries inside the vanilla cream. Can I tell you how easily they went down?! Of course, they make lots of other things that are equally delicious…





Later that evening, I walked into town for a pizza. A wood-fired pizza, very thin, topped with vegetables and artichokes. I sipped a glass of chilled rose. I took in the soft light of the evening…..and it felt very good to be back in this village by the sea again.




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    Oh, my gosh gorgeous – and mouthwatering! Lucky lady:)

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