Tiki Umbrellas
Doesn't the sight of these tiny Tiki umbrellas get you crazy for Chinese food? Or a tropical drink? Simple and cheerful, they trigger a happy response and a warmness knowing something fun is on its way. You just know it.

A visual trigger Proust surely would have found empathy with.

So the other day my friend and I were dining on absolutely unexpected unanticipated delicious sushi in a small restaurant in a strip mall in New Hampshire.

We sat at the sushi bar and another visual spark caught my eye.

Tiki Umbrellas
Nothing makes me pay attention (well, maybe chocolate) like tons of avocados. It was like a treasure hunt. Not sure what was coming next…. but knew I'd like it. What was the treasure at the end? I didn't find out. 

Tiki Umbrellas

Because we had already ordered and this amazing little salad arrived. Crab. The tiniest slivers of cucumber. Caviar. Oh yes, this definitely got my attention. 

Tiki Umbrellas

It was amazing. 

Lest you think the evening stopped there, you don't know my girlfriend. 

We drove on. We arrived. And we conquered. Before we conquered, I had an amazing Espresso Chocolate Martini, not quite what one shoud drink when eating delicious food, but what the heck, I was having fun!

And then we tried an improbable dish. Duck with a sticky blueberry sauce. However crazy as it seems it was a crazy good dish!!! 

Why not? I make duck with Campari and orange sauce. Why not blueberry? It was billed as Chambord sauce, but you know blueberries when you taste them. Awesome. So awesome I can't wait to go back for some more.

Tiki Umbrellas
And what could come next? My foodie friend smiled evily. Yes, evily. We finished off our meal with……………yes, a scrumptious chocolate bread pudding that was so luscious as to be decadent. Did I tell you that the vanilla bean ice cream melted down over the pudding in lovely rivulets?

Tiki Umbrellas

So…………..what began as a Tiki Umbrellas inspired food fest ended with this pudding. This is my life. I am so happy.




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