This sums it up! The TECHmunch Food Bloggers Conference in Boston was a spectacular success. Almost everyone won something thanks to the generosity of KitchenAid. Loring Barnes of Clarity won this huge convection oven. How she got it in the overhead bin on her flight back home is another story!

I won a cookbook from The Harvard Common Press. Others won beautiful red KitchAid Mixers, hand mixers, and food processors. After all, we are lovers of food and the making and telling of our recipes. These things are ultimately important to us.

So what is TECHmunch? A food bloggers' conference that will visit 15 cities this year, this being the fifth stop of the tour. It was intimate, lively, informative, and very professional. I arrived at the Boston University School of Hospitality to this welcoming sign.


I hurried in just in time because I was the moderator of the first panel discussion on Food Trends. My panelists? Rachel Leah Blumenthal, the founder of Ashley Stanley, founder of Lovin' Spoonfuls, a food rescue that redistributes food to those in need. And freelance food writer/blogger Jacqueline Church.


Back up in the bleachers, everyone was intent taking notes and tweeting. #techmunch


The conference ran all day and covered food trends, how to determine what your story is and how to best communicate it, how to syndicate content, how to photograph food, SEO do's and don'ts, how to get on a food editor's radar, and all about brand partnerships. In between each panel discussion? Another prize!


I so wanted to win one of these. I have an old one that my father bought when I was growing up. That's how long they last. I have his old white one and it works well. But a RED one! It just kept looking at me! And I had dreams of going right to the store and buying it friends, like the KitchenAid pasta maker attachment, the sausage maker attachment….well, I was in full throttle wish mode. 

However, I did win a cookbook I had my eye on from The Harvard Common Press, who had a table full of their cookbooks on display. I scored Not Your Mother's Fondue.


But really the best part of the conference is making new friends. It is not often that I get into a room full of people as passionate about food as I am. It was a euphoric experience merely for the fact that I had tons of people who wanted to talk about the same topic as I did. Here are some of the equally happy personalities I met.

This is Rachel Leah Blumenthal, founder of….

On the left, Babette Pepaj, founder/creator of TECHmunch and On the right, Janice Newell Bissex of

Chelsee and Susie from

The cool Mr. David Dadekian from

Did I tell you we had a great lunch? Healthy sandwiches and salads….


I loved meeting pastry chef and food blogger Buttercream Blondie. My new go-to for all things sweet. When she started talking about Disco Dust she had my attention. Edible glitter for cakes and cupcakes. 


On the left below, Adam Salomone from The Harvard Common Press and on the right Ashley Stanley from Lovin Spoonfuls Food Rescue in Boston.


On the right, Brian Knowles of The Gringo Chapin.


In fact, I have hundreds of pictures from the event of people I met, of the different discussion panels, of groups meeting to swap information, of people laughing and heading out together after the conference for dinner. It was memorable and fun and if you are a food blogger you should go. It is all about learning and sharing. The very best kind of event. I totally recommend that you attend the next one near you. (Oh, and they give out really good prizes!)



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  1. Bonnie Banters July 30, 2011 at 2:08 pm -

    Sounds like a fun and successful event. Yeah, I’ve had my trustworthy old KitchenAid for so long I probably shouldn’t say. Got many attachments early on. Almost burned the motor up many years ago (making bread probably)…repairman said he’d never seen anyone come close to burning the motor up!
    I’d love to have a red KitchenAid or one of those customized painted ones!

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