Between Pinterest and Etsy and new blogs, I am infused with inspiration lately. Here are a few of my favorite new food finds….I hope you enjoy them!!


Heatherbullard_baguettewrap-101 is offering beautiful free French baguette labels you can download and print to wrap baguettes with. Of course, you’ll need some twine. And I found some!

Twine  Dutch butcher Twine. I’m saving mine to wrap Christmas presents……..This is vintage twine. For new twine, this site makes it in a rainbow of colors.

Pastel Twine  Pastel Twine.

Then I came upon a recipe for cupcakes with perfect Chocolate Seals that you can customize to your initial or a friend’s initial or with the image of a dog or bee or whatever strikes you. It comes from Sprikles Bakes.

SprinkleBakes Sprinkle Bakes Poured Fondant Honey Cupcakes with Chocolate Wax Seals

And now that winter is finally slipping away, I am browsing seed catalogs ……from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds I found these yellow strawberries!

GR122_01and this intriguing Strawberry Spinach, an heirloom found originally in a monastary garden.

GR107_01…the red is the berry, and the green leaves are used like spinach. My garden this year is going to be filled with unusual produce….I am already imagining waking up in the morning and finding yellow strawberries with dew clinging to them to pick for breakfast….and snacking on spinach berries……yearning for summer!


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