I'm blogging to you for the next few days directly from the Aruba Marriott.

Escaping from New England's heaps of snow and my frost bitten hands from shoveling was an easy move. Snowsuit or swimsuit? Hmmmmmm!

So I will be enjoying this sunny resort, posting lots of pictures, dining around the island, and sharing with you all my experiences. 

Before even unpacking I decided to take in the warmth and breeze on the private terrace of my room and order room service to fortify myself before heading out to explore. I started out with this huge chilled plate of fruit…..


…..and followed up with something called Double Chocolate Decadence……a deeply intense chocolate treat with mousse-like layers that melted in my mouth. My food adventure had begun.


I changed from shoes to flip flops, slung a camera over my shoulder, and headed down to the pool area and out to the beach. This is a beautiful property whose heart is the lush tropical outdoor pool, pool bar, and waterfalls— but the crowning glory for me is the beach that swept in an arc before me.


The sand is soft and white. The sea is pool clear and acquamarine. I wanted to lose myself in it, just float out into it. I sunk my toes into the sand and just stood there, relaxed and unwound and loving it. How could you not?


I kept the day company for a while, lounging on one of the chairs and gazing out to sea, not wanting to move. When the afternoon was over I went in search of dinner. But I didn't have to go far. This resort has a restaurant right on the beach where you can watch the sunset and dine under the stars. Simply Fish is its name and I decided this would be the perfect setting to dine my first night on the island of Aruba.

When I returned, the light was golden.


Tiki lights were lit. Tables were laid out with candles. It was so romantic. 

And as it darkened it became more intimate.


I was in the mood for fish fish fish. I consulted with the waiter and chose Shrimp Grilled on Lemongrass Skewers to start with, which actually was the perfect dish for a beach dinner. It was perfectly cooked with flecks of charcoal flavor left on my tongue.


I could have easily been content with this one dish. But I felt compelled somehow this evening on the beach to try another fish dish. So I chose Sea Bass with mushrooms, roasted herbs, potatoes and lobster cream sauce. 


As you can see, it was a huge boulder of a serving and so good that I ate almost the whole portion just for the taste of it. 

With sand still between my toes, I savored the last bit of wine in my glass and the trade winds. I was in the tropics. I was sitting on the beach under the stars. I was warm. Tomorrow would be day two of my culinary adventure. For now, chocolate dreams.

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  1. Chuzai Living February 13, 2011 at 11:54 am -

    What a fun blog you have! My husband’s very good friend has a surf shop in Aruba called “Bula”. I have never been there, but I would love to go visit. I also love to travel. From your photos, Aruba looks like a tropical paradise. Kaho

  2. Bertie Westcoat February 23, 2011 at 9:17 pm -

    Aruba is one of the great places to spend vacations. I’m planning to spend my vacations there soon. Just last year, my girlfriend and I had an extreme adventure at Whitsundays. We did diving activities and sailing in the island. For us, sailing in Whitsundays is a perfect and romantic date that we’ve ever experienced.

  3. Hillary Davis February 24, 2011 at 1:32 pm -

    @Kaho….thank you!!!! @Bertie, thank you for the recommendation! I will check it out! :))

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