by Holly Herrick

The joys of making classic French sauces, with their heady aromas enveloping a dish and taking it to another level, are brought home by Holly Herrick in this the first of her new cookbook series: The French Cook: Sauces

Sauces is about cooking, about quickly learning fundamental combinations that underpin classic French cuisine. Each chapter focuses on introducing bullet-proof recipes to turn out brilliant sauces, including: bechamel, fonds, veloutes, emulsions and tomato. What I love about this cookbook is Holly’s reader-friendly writing style and mouth-watering recipe titles, coupled with the beautiful photography of world-class photographer, Steven Rothfeld. His capture of the essence of preparing sauces, from the gleaming copper pots they are made in to their final destination, draped and swirled,  evoke exactly what Holly conveys with her words and instruction.

This is a resource you will want to keep in the kitchen for inspiration and for all time. It is a book that over time will accumulate stains from spoons and drippings from ladles because of heavy use. And it is the kind of book you will want to pass on and gift.

The French Cook: Sauces, by Holly Herrick (Gibbs Smith, March 2013) is available on

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  1. Led Ice Cubes February 28, 2013 at 1:32 am -

    I must say it turned out mighty good. I guess the success is in the details that Holly mentioned in her book: using the plastic blade in food processor, pasteurizing the eggs, room temperature ingredients, the type of oil and pepper recommended, and tips on how to save it if everything goes south. Just like in Tart Love, she has a nice, familiar way of explaining things. I love it that although her books have a teaching component, they do not sound like a textbook.

  2. Hillary Davis February 28, 2013 at 9:43 am -

    I love her voice too. Very easy to follow and very supportive. Can’t wait for her next book!

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