C'est la vie

Imagine my surprise when I saw this sign in my village in New Hampshire. I have a hard time finding French food anywhere, but in a tiny town surrounded by pine forests and lakes—a town famous for being the subject of “My Town”—with four restaurants and a host of small pizza and take-out restaurants….well, imagine my surprise!

Delighted!!!!!!!!!!!!! A new French restaurant! C’est La Vie! Oui!!!!!! In Peterborough, New Hampshire!

My first few visits were for pastries. As you walk in, there is a counter with tiny samples. Buttery mini-madelaines. Tiny tartes citron. Miniscule chocolate disks that melt in your mouth. I’d bought and devoured the crispy Palmiers.

So a few days ago a friend and I had a girls’ lunch out and chose C’est La Vie! I told her to look for a postage stamp sized outpost next to the movie theater. The gentleman in the picture and his dogs were patiently waiting for their lunch as I arrived. He was smiling. A good sign.

c'est la view

We ordered a crepe stuffed with Gruyere, ham and mushrooms (their crepes are gluten-free!)— and the daily dish—sliced roasted pork tenderloin with beet and blueberry salad.

c'est la vie

Lovely! A little mustard. The pork was juicy and tender. The salad divine.

c'est la vie

For dessert, well, we had lots of the free samples. Then we split this lovely fresh fruit tart.

Was it wonderful? No…..it was really really good. And I really really want to see it get better, stay forever, and fill us with memories of eating great French food there. The owner/chef is from Paris. If you are in the area, go say hi in French.

We’ll be going back again and again. We want so very much for our new little French restaurant to thrive. We’ll go back for a coffee and a pastry and a pain au chocolate. For a girls’ lunch again. And we’ll go back to France every time.

C’est La Vie!  10 School Street, Peterborough, NH  03458   603-924-5700


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