I am so happy to introduce all of you to my friend Warren Bobrow. I emailed him asking for advice about conjuring up a scary brew for Halloween and he came back to me with one for Halloween and one he created for Thanksgiving.

With his permission I am sharing with you his signature cocktails for the holidays. He is, after all, the penultimate authority on all things cocktail! (You are soooooooo going to love these!!)

Take it away, Warren!…..

Halloween is one of those holidays that unleashes the kid in all of us. We forget very easily the fun we had as children, yet every time I bite into certain Halloween candies— I’m blasted back to grade school. I especially like getting into a costume and scaring all those around me. It was a fond childhood memory.

This year Halloween promises to be quite chilly. I need a warming cocktail to really bring my inner temperature up to snuff.

My Halloween Cocktail: The Oblong Curse

Oblong Curse

The Oblong Curse Cocktail

The premise of this cocktail is based on those specific Italian horror movies.  You know the ones. These films, B movies mostly had a femme fatale, a mansion, long- haired strikingly handsome men with brooding faces and lots of scary situations.  I get cold inside just thinking of the eventual demise of all the characters. I shudder to imagine a more delicious drink for a horror flick!

Makes 2 rather strong drinks. 


Tuthilltown Rye Whiskey

Absinthe (your choice)

Lemon juice (freshly squeezed of course)

Mashed cherries (to a pulp)

Fresh Spearmint garnish

Maple Syrup (I prefer Grade B- Dark Amber)


In a cocktail shaker add 3 shots of the Rye Whiskey plus 1 shot of Absinthe. Splash of Maple Syrup, ¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, pulverize some home cured cherries and add them too.

Shake and strain into a short rocks glass with a few more home cured cherries. (Ball jar filled with pitted cherries, top with brandy, seal and cure for a week in the fridge)

Garnish with the mint.  Be scared!

My Thanksgiving Cocktail: Turkey Chaser Punch

Turkey Chaser

Turkey Chaser Punch

I just love Thanksgiving. Maybe the combination of flavors and aromas attract me most to the table. The taste of a cocktail like the Turkey Chaser makes me a bit more relaxed and able to enjoy a fine meal. Turkey is traditionally the centerpiece for the table. You need a brown spirit to go with the more assertive notes of a well-cooked free-range turkey. I like Rye Whiskey in this regard. Scotch works too.  Sometimes all too well!

The Turkey Chaser has at its core USDA Certified Organic Snap Liquor from Art in the Age out of Philadelphia. This is not candy liquor, but serious- 80 proof stuff.  It also uses Rye Whiskey from Tuthilltown in New York State.  The distillery is the first since prohibition in the state. The drink has a splash of maple syrup and a dash of Carpano Antica Vermouth in the mix. 

A contemplative drink that can use Scotch instead of Rye should you want a smokier drink. Makes 3-4 nice cocktails


4 shots Tuthilltown Rye or a nice Smoky Scotch like Macallan

2 shots Snap (USDA Certified Organic Snap Liquor from Art in the Age)

Grade B Maple Syrup, a few splashes

Freshly squeezed lemon juice (1/4 cup)

1 shot Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth

Splash of Seltzer water

Orange chunks for garnish and muddling


In a cocktail shaker muddle some orange chunks, then combine the liquors with the lemon juice and some ice, add the dark maple syrup, shake until frosty. Pour into tall cocktail glasses and top with splash or two of freshly drawn seltzer water.  Garnish with some orange hunks.  Prepare to relax a while. 

Thanks Warren! I'm on my way over!

Warren M. Bobrow 

Editor/Journalist/Photojournalist Wild River Review/Wild Table 

2011 Tales of the Cocktail-cultural raconteur 

Ministry of Rum-Judge-2010-San Francisco




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